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Wide application of U-shaped buckles

Nov. 14, 2019

U-shaped buckles are widely used in the packaging process of various foods and chemical products to effectively ensure the storage performance of the medium to be sealed. The buckle(such as silicone aluminum clips) plays a very important role in product packaging.

U-type buckles all technical indicators are more than the same imported products, can be matched with POLY, TECHOPACK punch card machine, complete specifications and models, 502, 503, 504, 506, 509, 711, 713, 702, can be smooth on any manufacturer's punch card machine use. U-shaped buckles are widely used in various ham sausages, fruit packaging, garlic packaging, supermarket sealing packaging, edible fungi, anchoring agents and other light packaging.

U type sausage clips and U-type manual punching machine are products that combine the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad, and are developed by users in combination with the card punching process. The buckle and punching machine products have the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable structure and easy maintenance. Outstanding customers are widely acclaimed.

The composition and precautions of the buckle device

The detachable buckle device generally consists of a positioning member and a fastener. The positioning member functions to guide the buckle smoothly, correctly and quickly to the installation position during installation. The role of the fastener is. The unloading fasteners are typically designed such that when a certain separation force is applied, the snap device is disengaged and the two connectors are separated. This type of snap device is often used to connect two parts that need to be removed frequently. Non-removable fasteners need to be artificially deflected to disassemble the two parts, and are often used for fixing the parts without disassembling the parts during use.

Sausage Clips

Sausage Clips

Buckle installation precautions

When the Great Wall aluminum clips is installed, the operator mainly judges whether the buckle installation is in place by the feel and the sound. Therefore, the following points should be noted in the design:

1) Select the appropriate amount of deformation. The Great Wall snaps are installed by deformation and bounce of the fasteners. Too small deformation is easy to cause the installation is not strong; too much deformation is easy to cause installation difficulties or even installation, destroying the buckle.

2) When designing, pay attention to some obvious phenomena such as sound and feel changes when the Great Wall buckle is installed.

3) When designing, pay attention to the number of constraints on the Great Wall buckle, and there should be no over-constrained conditions. Too many constraints, high requirements on the machining accuracy of the parts. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be out of place or not to be installed.

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