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What is your image of a sausage?

Sep. 18, 2019

What is your image of a sausage? Shared by aluminum Sausage Clips supplier.

Comes to sichuan, wow, is to eat to eat, when it comes to this delicious food that, various recommendations, haven't been to sichuan people impression in sichuan have a concept of eating, because what, because more than food, and the impression is that sichuan spicy girl beauty, while sichuan girls love to eat spicy, but the skin still is very good, which is always used to eat spicy after it becomes a benign. Must have gone to sichuan must have eaten sichuan sausage spicy, which involves a category of problems, variety of sausage, so for the market yulong mixed, how should we distinguish its good and bad true or false, some people can not help but exist these errors.

1. Keep the sausage dry. In fact, the really dry sausage in sichuan will not have a few family members, the main reason is that the dried sausage atrophy into a very dry very hard will only be slightly thicker than the big finger mother, after boiling with water, it is difficult to restore water. More is to eat up dry mouth ran slag, not very delicious. Really delicious sausage is only 7-8 into the dry, ordinary home will do a lot of hanging every year after about the same, put into the freezer cabinet, can eat almost half a year. And so-called "all dry" sausage, may not be all dry, this point please consumers must be polished eyes.

aluminum Sausage Clips supplier

Sausage Clips

2. Blindly request sausage to be filled with lean meat. In sichuan, no sausage that comes from home is made entirely of lean meat. If the sausage is filled with lean meat, once cooked, it can be cut easily with a knife. It's not good, it's not tender, it's not smooth.

3. Blindly pursue the price of cheap sausage. The raw materials and ingredients used in the sausage at a very low price are very problematic. You get what you pay for, not to mention that.

What is your image of a sausage?

Saving method:

Once the sausage is delivered, hang it in the air or put it in the freezer, though the latter is strongly recommended. Because that way can keep the original flavor for a year. Not too dry.

How to eat:

Cut a section, wash with water, and then boil about 30 minutes, remove, cool for a while, then cut into pieces (oblique cut), placed in the plate can be eaten.

Can also be cooked, cut into pieces or blocks, used to fry garlic moss, Fried rice, Fried green peas, Fried garlic seedlings, Fried lentils (peas), do sausage vegetable porridge and so on.

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