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Structural Characteristics And Working Principle

Dec. 28, 2019

Structural characteristics of pneumatic sausage filling machine:

The main structure of the machine is composed of a frame, a tank, a metering and pouring system, and a workbench.

The metering mechanism adopts the plunger method, and the metering perfusion system is convenient for adjusting the perfusion volume and perfusion speed (the perfusion volume is achieved by adjusting the stroke valve on the cylinder. The perfusion speed can be achieved by adjusting the speed control valve on the cylinder.) The measurement error is less than 2%. The nozzle can be replaced according to the different materials. The machine is divided into two types: hopper type and self-priming type.

The height of the table can be adjusted according to the size of the filling container.

Working process of pneumatic filling machine:

Turn on the air source, and control the operation of the entire pneumatic circuit through the knob (selective manual valve) or foot switch on the control panel, so as to drive the piston rod of the measuring cylinder to reciprocate up and down, and perform a series of cycles such as suction and pouring action.

When the cylinder drives the piston of the metering cylinder to move downward, the lower valve of the tank opens, the metering cylinder sucks the material, the piston moves to the bottom, the metering cylinder is full of material, and the valve closes. When the piston of the metering cylinder moves upward, the pouring of the nozzle core of the nozzle starts, and until the piston of the metering cylinder moves to the upper end, the pouring stops. This reciprocates.

Pneumatic Filling Machine

Pneumatic Filling Machine

Principle of vacuum electric sausage filling machine:

After the air source is connected, the metering cylinder is in the lower part (full rubber in working condition), which is retained by the end of the previous work. The filling container is in place, and the pedal reversing valve is pressed. The pedal reversing valve places the pneumatic reversing valve in the left position. The metering drive cylinder piston rod valve hits the stroke reversing valve, the stroke valve reversing, so that the pneumatic reversing valve is in the right position, and the metering pump sucks glue. One infusion is complete and the compound is prepared for the next infusion. When continuous priming is required, set the selector switch to the closed position. At this time, the piston rod will refill when it touches the stroke valve. Repeatedly. For the first infusion, the first infusion will be empty. The adjustment of the filling speed and the suction speed is realized by adjusting the one-way throttle valve. The measurement value is adjusted by adjusting the relative position of the stroke reversing valve and the piston rod of the measurement drive cylinder. Edit the operation steps. After cleaning the debris in the hopper, fill the hopper and cover the hopper; connect the air source and adjust the pressure reducing valve to maintain the air pressure at 0.6Mpa; manual control: the knob on the panel is in the manual position. The material tube is in place (artificial upper tube), press the foot switch once, the pneumatic component automatically controls the metering cylinder to suck the material, push the material to fill, and stop working (note: the first filling is to discharge the air in the metering pump, and it will be empty. ). After loading the tube again, step on the foot switch of the tube seat, and fill it again, and the cycle will be performed. When continuous filling, the knob on the panel is screwed to the automatic position, the machine sucks and fills, and works continuously until the knob is turned to the manual position. Stop filling (Note: If the operator is not skilled or the supply of the filling container is not available, please do not use continuous filling conditions.); Check the filling volume, if there is a difference, rotate the metering handwheel to adjust the metering; the filling speed can be throttled by throttling Valve to regulate

When the work is completed, turn off the switches in turn, and turn off the air supply.

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