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Advantages and disadvantages of Sausage Clips

Jul. 05, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of clips

Clip and some people call it a "buckle". Shared the Sausage Clips supplier.

Because the clip is formed with the product and does not need to be fitted with: additional materials, such as screw fasteners or fasteners, the clip is a low-cost installation method. Moreover, the installation process of the clip position is also very simple. Generally, it only needs a piercing action, and there is no need to rotate or position the product before installation, which is quick and simple.

But it also has some drawbacks.

After repeated loading and removal of the clamping device, the part of the bottom connection of the clamping device simply broke due to fatigue effect. The broken retaining device is difficult to repair. This is especially true for parts that use brittle or plastic fillers. Because clip as a part of the product parts, clip damage is the damage of product parts, the only way to make up is to replace the parts. In addition, the clip position in the product design, especially in the public service control is more careful, the public service improper simple installation too loose or too tight 8 phenomenon.

Sausage Clips

The clip position is widely used, the annular clip position is common in the bottle cap, the food box top cap. The long button position is used in the switch part of leather bag or knapsack. The u-shaped button position is also widely used in the battery cover of electrical appliances, toys and so on.

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