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Precautions for use of pneumatic quantitative enema

Dec. 05, 2019

Pneumatic quantitative enema machine is a new type of equipment. It uses cylinder to drive piston to reciprocate up and down (suction) in quantitative cylinder to complete filling function. Simple operation and easy to clean. Quantitative accuracy, the error does not exceed ± 3g.

Pneumatic filling machine for you to fill a variety of sausages, red sausage, sausage and paste products, the machine has a high degree of automation, advanced technology, stable performance, easy operation, high work efficiency, does not damage the ingredients, quality, Freshness and other characteristics.

Pneumatic quantitative enema machine adopts the principle of pneumatic electric control, which is compact in structure and easy to use. The natural casing, collagen, and smoked casing can be continuously and quantitatively filled with kink. The operation is simple, accurate and accurate, and the efficiency is high. It is a good replacement product for meat product manufacturers. This model can also be combined with a dual card machine to realize the use of more functions of this machine.

Electric Sausage Filling Machine

Electric Sausage Filling Machine


At the end of each day, the machine needs to be flushed and the disassembled parts cleaned.

If there is a lot of noise during the use of the machine, check whether the gear oil is missing and the gear is worn. If the gear oil is missing, you need to add gear oil, and the gear needs to be replaced.

If the motor does not rotate during the work, check the power supply and other circuit links. If the motor fails to work normally after the line fault is eliminated, the fuse may be blown. Check the fuse and replace it.

The transmission device is not flexible due to lack of lubrication. In this case, the transmission device needs to be lubricated.

The pneumatic sausage filling machine is not used for a long time, and the equipment needs to be carefully inspected before it is used again. After the inspection is correct, the machine is started up empty, and the machine is officially cleaned and cleaned and put into production.

The equipment needs to be cleaned before holidays, and the accessories are simply sealed after being cleaned and dried.

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