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Pneumatic Sausage Filling Machine

Nov. 29, 2019

As we all know, the Chinese sausage has a long history. It was created before the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and it is delicious, delicious, full-bodied, full-bodied and not greasy, full of chewing, and long storage time. Industry analysts believe that due to changes in pork prices, mixed raw materials or pork substitute raw materials for sausage sausage production may increase, and related sausage fillers and other equipment must meet the needs of diverse raw material irrigation.

The author understands that the main raw material of meat products such as sausages and sausages is pork, which is chopped or minced into dices, then seasoned and mixed, and then filled with natural sausage casings using enema equipment, and dried, air-dried or roasted. Processed. In the process of enema, most of them were mainly manual enema, with low automation, low efficiency, high labor intensity, and easy to be polluted. At the same time, the amount and uniformity of the enema were difficult to control, which resulted in the hollowness of the finished sausage. The appearance is not good.

However, with the upgrading and development of pneumatic sausage filling technology, the degree of automation of sausage filling machines is getting higher and higher. At present, the enema machine on the market uses pneumatic and photoelectric control technology, which can continuously and automatically quantify the enema, and the upper part is equipped with a storage hopper and a disc valve, which can achieve continuous enema without manual lifting of the lid. The work efficiency has been greatly improved and reduced. This reduces labor intensity, saves labor costs, and guarantees the filling quantity and uniformity of the enema to ensure the quality of the enema.

According to a boss, whenever the peak season for sausage processing is approaching, more than 500 kilograms of sausages need to be processed a day, and even if they work overtime every day, they can barely fulfill the order of the day. However, since the purchase of an pneumatic sausage filling machine, it has not only improved the efficiency of the enema, but also helped to reduce the labor intensity. Compared with the semi-automatic manual enema, the enema greatly improved the quality of the enema. Therefore, the store's sausages are very popular with consumers.

It is true that due to the diversified consumer demand for enema, today there are many types and types of sausages, including pork sausage, corn sausage, garlic sausage, meat meal sausage, champagne sausage, etc. In addition, in the face of changes in pork prices, Few residents are also looking for alternative pork products, such as beef, sheep, chicken, ducks, etc., which may enrich the raw materials for sausage sausage. Of course, while the diversity of sausages caters to the market consumption trend, it also puts forward higher requirements for the flexible adaptability of the enema equipment.

Pneumatic Sausage Filling Machine

Pneumatic Sausage Filling Machine

To this end, enema equipment research and development enterprises need to improve the flexibility and adaptability based on the original equipment. According to the needs of the sausage sausage process, they can upgrade the drive system through adaptive structural design and innovation so that the equipment can better meet the requirements of different sausage sausage materials . It is reported that a company on the market has developed an enema device using a piston hydraulic drive system, which accurately squeezes out the material by controlling the pressure of the enema, and can also adjust the pressure according to the characteristics of different raw materials to prevent the meat from being damaged and causing the sausage taste not good.

In addition, in the face of the current rapid development of the new generation of information technology and food equipment manufacturing, the continuous improvement of equipment intelligence, integration and digitalization has become an important driving force for many enterprises to strive for higher market share and accelerate industrial innovation and upgrading.

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