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Do You Know The Manual Cutting Machin?

Jan. 11, 2020

The manual shearing machine is specially designed for processing thin metal plates. The manual shearing mechanism is in the form of upper and lower knife test, manual operation by human, using punching force to cut the sheet. The manual shearing machine has a compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, energy saving and consumption saving, and is an ideal manual shearing tool for sausages. sausage clipping supplier to share with you:

Shear trigger structure

The structure of the shear trigger mainly includes: a transmission system, a slider (blade holder), a bed (frame), a pressing mechanism, a blocking mechanism, a balancer, an electrical control system and other auxiliary devices. The structure is briefly introduced as follows: [1] Transmission form Shearing machine is divided into three types: mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and hydraulic-mechanical combined transmission. 1. Mechanical transmission shearing machine Mechanical transmission shearing machine is widely used due to its good rigidity, high efficiency and few failures. In general, the motor passes the first-level belt transmission and friction clutch, and then the second-level gear transmission to transfer the rotary motion to the eccentric shaft. Finally, the tool post reciprocates in the guide rail of the machine body through the crank link mechanism. One end is equipped with a brake.

In mechanical transmission shears, clutches and brakes are installed. The role of the clutch and brake is to start and stop the shears without stopping the flywheel.

Do You Know The Manual Cutting Machin?cid=318

Manual Clipping Machine


(1) Rigid clutches also have sliding pin type, claw tooth type, etc., which has the advantages of small size, simple structure and low cost; its disadvantages are only single and continuous specifications, and large shock vibration when engaged.

(2) Friction clutches come in various forms such as single-plate type, multi-plate type and conical shape. The structure of the friction clutch is complicated, and it is generally only used on the shears for medium-thick plates. The advantage is that in addition to single stroke and continuous stroke, you can also perform jog operation.

(3) The brake used with the rigid clutch is a band brake, and the shears equipped with the friction clutch are the same as the clutch.

(4) Work safety can prevent equipment failure caused by overload.

(5) Simple structure, easy manufacturing, short production cycle and low cost.

(6) Convenient operation, can realize single stroke, continuous stroke, jog stroke, stop and return during the trip.

(7) Small vibration, stable work, low noise and long tool life.

Performance of manual shears:

Manual clipping machine the body is welded by steel plates. shearing range: all kinds of metal sheets, all kinds of steel wire mesh, all kinds of iron wires, wires, etc. Features: Shearing range 0.2mm-2.5mm for various metal sheets, various wire meshes, various iron wires, wires, etc. The cutting edge material is 65 manganese and the hardness is 55 degrees. The punching and shearing force is large, the falling knife is synchronized, the force is uniform, and the force is easy. It can be installed by manual shearing machine. The frame part is made of high-quality low-carbon steel, and the cutter part is made of high-quality tool steel. It is manufactured by advanced technology. Its structure is simple and beautiful. It is widely used in the field of sheet metal, construction, hardware, maintenance and other industries. It is an ideal manual cutting tool

Features of manual sausage clipping machine

1. The punching and shearing force is large, the falling knife is synchronized, the force is uniform, the force is easy, and it can be cut straight and horizontally.

2. It can be equipped with positioning backing plate to make the accuracy more accurate, less deformation, low loss and high efficiency.

3.It is the most ideal cutting tool for steel wire mesh suppliers and various factories and enterprises for forming and trimming.

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