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Do You Know How to Make Sausage?

Jan. 20, 2020

Aluminum sausage clips supplier will share with you how to make sausages:

1. Selection of raw materials: Select raw pork qualified by health inspection, cut thin slices of about 1.2 cm thick along the muscle lines, rinse with cold water to eliminate fishy smell and make the meat pale After draining, use a meat grinder to grind, and the hole diameter is 1 ~ 1.2 cm. Fatty meat is cut into 0.8-1 cm fat diced and rinsed with warm water to remove surface stains.

Mixing: Add a small amount of warm water to the container, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, ginger, pepper noodles, monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrite, mix and dissolve, add lean meat and fat, stir well, and finally add white wine to make Meat filling. When mixing the stuffing, we must strictly control the water consumption, generally 4 to 5 kg.

2. Filling: Soak the sheep casings with warm water first and wash them clean. Fill the meat into the casing with an enema machine or by hand. When filling, it is required to be uniform and strong, and the air bubbles are found by needle puncture. Ligation is performed every 12 cm. Then rinse the filled sausage with warm water and hang it on a bamboo pole.

Baking: Hang the sausage string on the supporting rod of the baking machine and bake it. The temperature is set at 50-52 ° C. Bake for about 12 hours, which is the finished product. The yield is 62%. Features: Small and exquisite appearance, red and white color, bright and bright. The taste of the food is refreshing, sweet and delicious, and the aftertaste is lingering.

3. Editing of processing equipment

Meat-cutting equipment:

In the processing of meat products, regardless of the variety, the raw meat must be cut into pieces (sliced) or minced. Therefore, meat cutters and meat grinders are indispensable equipment for the production of meat products. By changing different knives, the meat cutter can cut into different sizes of meat pieces or slices according to needs. The meat grinder can be twisted into meat pieces of different sizes by changing the sieve plate. Meat cutters and meat grinders are produced in various places. Different specifications and models can be selected according to actual conditions.

Chopping and mixing equipment:

Generally, the meat particles minced by a meat grinder are mostly medium-granular. If some meat products require a finer meat filling or an emulsified enema to improve yield and product quality, a chopping machine must be used. The chopping machine has both fine cutting and stirring functions, and various auxiliary materials can be added during the chopping process. Chopping machines can be divided into ordinary chopping machines and vacuum chopping machines by type. A more common application abroad is the vacuum chopping machine, which can prevent air from penetrating into the protein structure of the meat, thereby improving the emulsification performance of the meat filling.

For products that do not use the chopping process, you should use a blender (also called a filling mixer) to mix the meat to make the meat and various auxiliary materials stir evenly. Mixers are also divided into ordinary mixers and vacuum mixers, which can be selected according to conditions.

Pneumatic Filling Machine

Pneumatic Filling Machine

Filling equipment:

Filling is an important process for producing enema products. pneumatic filling machine is used to fill the mixed meat fillings into casings or other packaging materials. sausage filling machine is mainly divided into two categories: hydraulic sausage filling machine and vacuum sausage filling machine. At present, new vacuum enema machines produced at home and abroad mostly use automatic quantitative and stepless speed regulation devices, which can not only eliminate large bubbles contained in meat fillings, but also have automatic ligation or kink devices.

Baking equipment

Baking is to make the surface of the enema dry, beautiful in color, and to increase the firmness of the casing. The traditional baking method is to use a baking room and a drying rack, and select wood or coal as the heat source to directly roast the meat. The modern method is to choose an automatic temperature-controlled baking machine and use electricity or steam as the heat source for baking. The compound baking machine of Nanjing Mingrui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. also has a smoke function.

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