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Ham processing technology

Nov. 05, 2019

Shaped ham is the most rapidly developed meat product at home and abroad. It refers to the use of pork leg, shoulder meat, and loin to add other parts of meat or other meat, poultry, and fish. After pickling, add excipients, and put them into bags. Formed in a container, after boiling, it is a shaped ham.

Molded ham can be made into various flavors according to market demand. The products are tender and juicy, tastes delicious, and the yield is high. It is suitable for mechanized continuous production, product specification and convenient consumption.

First, the classification of shaped ham

1, According to the type of raw materials, the shaped ham can be divided into pork ham, beef ham, rabbit meat ham, chicken ham, mixed meat ham and the like.

2, according to the degree of chopped meat, shaped ham can be divided into meat ham, meat ham, meat ham and so on.

3. According to the way of sterilization and aging, the formed ham can be divided into low-temperature long-time sterilized ham and high-temperature short-time sterilized ham.

4, according to the shape of the shape, the shaped ham can be divided into square ham, round ham, long ham, short ham and so on.

5, according to the packaging materials, molded ham can be divided into tinplate canned ham, high temperature composite film packaging at room temperature can be used for long-term preservation of ham sausage and ordinary plastic film packaging for low-temperature preservation of various types of molding Ham.

Second, the processing principle of molded ham

Pneumatic sausage filling machine supplier said that the most important feature of shaped ham is its good formability, slicing, suitable elasticity, fresh taste and high yield.

1, Good formability and slicing

The bonding force that makes the meat, meat or meat mashed into one body comes from two aspects: one is to make the salt-soluble protein in the muscle tissue dissolve as much as possible; on the other hand, add appropriate amount of additives during processing. The salt-soluble protein and other excipients in the meat after rolling are evenly wrapped on the surface of the meat and meat grains and filled in the space. After heat denaturation, the meat pieces and the meat grains are tightly bonded together, and the product is elasticized.

2, Fresh taste

The molded ham is mechanically cut and tenderized and twisted and pulled during the rolling process, so that the muscle fibers become loose with each other, and the excellent material selection and good water retention ensure the fresh and tender characteristics of the formed ham.

3, Good water retention

The molded ham can be injected in an amount of 20% to 60%. The extraction of salt-soluble protein in muscle, the addition of complex phosphate, the change of pH and the looseness between muscle fibers are all beneficial to improve the water retention of the formed ham and increase the yield.

Vacuum Electric Sausage Filling Machine

Vacuum Electric Sausage Filling Machine

Therefore, after the curing, tenderization, rolling and other processes, coupled with appropriate additives, the unique style and high quality of the molded ham is guaranteed.

Processing technology and operation points of shaped ham

Raw meat pretreatment brine injection (cutting wet picking) pickling, rolling mold filling cooking (autoclaving) cooling inspection finished product

The processing of shaped ham has the characteristics of process standardization, product standardization, high degree of industrialization, and scale production. The general production equipment includes a salt water injection machine, a tumbler, a chopper, a pneumatic filling machine, a fumigation cooking device, and various meat packaging equipments. These devices are highly automated and easy to operate, and are suitable for large-scale automated production. Pickling, rolling, mashing, baking, smoking, cooking, and cooling are important steps in the processing of shaped ham.

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