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Great Wall buckle in the role of food packaging

Aug. 22, 2019

Great Wall buckle in the role of food packaging shared by Aluminum Sausage Clips supplier.

Mention Great Wall buckle, we are relatively unfamiliar, but we have eaten ham sausage! Know ham bowel of two ends seal buckle? It's a Great Wall clasp. In fact, the use of Great Wall buckle is relatively extensive, its main use for high temperature meat food packaging process, can be useful to ensure the storage performance of sealing process medium, in food packaging play an important role, the following, on the specific to see.

Great Wall buckle and Great Wall card double card sealing machine together, can be used for ham sausage at both ends, sealant, explosive seal packaging, its function is to specify the type of Great Wall buckle fastening at both ends of the sealing process.

Great Wall clamp is sealed enough to ensure the storage performance of sealing process medium. In addition, the Great Wall buckle can also be matched with Germany POLY punching machine, technical indicators are more than the same level of imported products, can be satisfied with the use of all kinds of Great wall Aluminum Clipping Machine, type specifications complete.

Greatwall Aluminum Clips

Greatwall Aluminum Clips

After the above introduction, expect us to understand, Great Wall card buckle in the effect of food packaging, and other related use, if you have any questions, may wish to inquire about it.

Buckle effectively ensures the delicious and fresh food

The weather is unusually hot, how to preserve food? Buckle is a kind of special sealing component for ham sausage and other foods.

As we all know, ham sausage as a high temperature food, if the seal is not strict, or food bags, can not be eaten. This is related to the problem of food sealing, buckle is widely used in food sealing, not only beautiful and practical, but also plays a key role in food preservation, buckle is widely used in food enterprises.

Is specialized in the production of food packaging components of the company, our company has an excellent engineering and technical personnel and high-quality staff, strong technical force, sophisticated equipment, advanced production technology, sound quality system, has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system certification.

In the long-term exploration, research and experiment, the enterprise has developed its own intellectual property rights of food accessories and various sealing punching machine, buckle, aluminum wire and other series of products. Widely used in all kinds of meat products, fruits, edible fungi, mines, supermarkets and other small packaging binding seal. Buckle products and food packaging materials together to effectively ensure the food delicious and fresh key role.

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