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Related introduction of operation and application of buckle

Aug. 28, 2019

Related introduction of operation and application of buckle

Buckle is distinguished by function. The design of buckle can be divided into permanent type and detachable type. The design of permanent buckle position is convenient to install but not easy to remove, the design of removable buckle position is very convenient to install and remove. The principle of which is a removable type buckle a cusp out parts attached to the proper Angle of import and export convenient buckle and the action of separation Angle, Angle of import and export Angle directly affects the size of the buckle and the strength of the necessary separation, permanent type of buckle only import Angle without export Angle design, so once the buckle, following parts forming self locked state, not easy to be removed.

Great Wall buckle production equipment:

Processing customization: yes

Brand: datong da

Overall dimension: 1200*700*1200 (mm)

Model: DTD0002

Feeding speed: 250 times/min

Alias: Great Wall buckle automatic mold

GCF Electric Sausage Clipping Machine

GCF Electric Sausage Clipping Machine

Weight: 0.3 (t)

Use: U - type Great Wall buckle production

Voltage: 220 v

U-type Great Wall buckle machine is based on aluminum wire as raw material, production of various specifications of the packaging tie mouth Great Wall buckle u-type aluminum nail; After many improvements, finally using high-speed terminal machine, according to the installation of automatic stamping die into a new Great Wall buckle production equipment, with a compact structure, reliable performance to achieve the effect of a machine forming. This machine can be produced by using household electricity 220V, this equipment has the characteristics of small volume, flexible and convenient movement, low noise, low power consumption, easy installation and so on, easy to operate and use, it is small power, energy saving, very suitable for small family processing.

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