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Cultivation process of edible fungus/edible fungus seal buckle /

Aug. 08, 2019

Cultivation process of edible fungus/edible fungus seal clip/

Great wall Aluminum Clips supplier shares that Edible fungi are large edible fungi (macrofungi) with fruiting bodies, commonly known as mushrooms. There are more than 350 known edible fungi in China, most of which belong to basidiomycetes. The common ones are: shiitake, grass mushroom, mushroom, agaric, tremella, hericium, dictyophora, matsutake (matsutake), tricholoma, mushroom, ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, truffle, white spirit mushroom and porcini mushroom. A few belong to the ascomycetes subphylum, including: morels, saddles, truffles and so on. The above fungi grow in different areas and different ecological environments. Today we are going to talk about the cultivation process of edible fungi.

Cultivation process of edible fungus/edible fungus seal clip/


1. Allocation of culture material: the allocation of culture material of edible fungus cultivation technique, that is, the first step is to configure the culture material required for edible fungus cultivation, and then conduct fermentation generally in 7 to 15 days.

2. Sterilization: sterilization and inoculation of edible fungus cultivation technology are generally carried out under atmospheric pressure. After the water is boiled, the pot is kept open for 6-8 hours, and then it is suffocated overnight. Inoculation should be carried out in the room with aseptic condition or near aseptic condition, and the bacteria species should be selected with vigorous, robust and no contamination of miscellaneous bacteria.

Manual Clipping Machine

Manual Clipping Machine

3. Cultivation technology of edible fungi, bacteria growth stage management: after inoculation, put the cultivation bag into a clean culture room for bacteria growth. The indoor temperature is maintained at 22℃ ~ 25℃. If the growth of bacteria is successful, the mycelia can cover the whole material surface within 20 to 25 days after inoculation. At this stage, it is required to pick out the miscellaneous bacteria, and continue the growth of bacteria by arranging the unfilled growth bags together.

4. Edible fungi cultivation techniques to scratch the fungus and urge bud: hair bacterium to scratch, immediately after the strains of the next piece of ground, the fruiting body from the surface of the medium, together if the medium surface is very dry, can use scraping scratch, namely the old species seed culture medium and 5 ~ 10 mm scrape together into pieces, hyphae mechanical stimulation and cold stimulation by scratching the fungus can form the original base, to keep the air humidity is 90% ~ 95% and strengthen ventilated, inhibits scratching the fungus bag surface aerial hyphae formation, is helpful to urge bud the mushroom. This phase of air relative humidity should be maintained at about 95% is appropriate, temperature control in 10℃ ~ 15℃ is appropriate, with newspaper cover or cover film moisture, in order to induce mushrooms, a week later, grow pointed bud, bud head white is normal.

5. Mushroom management: this time must pay attention to ventilation, increase air humidity, keep the air clean, reduce pests and diseases.

6. Suitable harvesting period of edible fungus cultivation techniques: the harvesting time of each edible fungus is different, and the harvesting period should be determined according to the variety and range of use.

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