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Eat Ham Sausage Always Bite with Teeth?

Oct. 29, 2019

The ham is delicious for everyone. It can be used to cook with instant noodles. It can also be used for cooking. It can also be used as a snack. Everyone likes to eat ham. After eating ham sausage for so many years, it is estimated that everyone has trouble, that is, the packaging of the ham sausage is difficult to tear open. Sometimes we will bite with teeth, but it will not only take time, but also bite the tooth, and it is possible to The package is eaten into the mouth. If you accidentally bite the top of the head, you will not be able to open the ham.

Some people use scissors to cut, this method is really very simple and rude, but not necessarily every time, because sometimes when we want to eat ham outside, it is impossible to carry a small scissors with you.

Some people like to fold directly with their hands, starting from the middle, and then folding them in half, so that two people can eat half of them, but the whole ham is not coming out, you have to squeeze the meat out of the bag. When I squeezed out, I found that a lot of meat stuck to the package, which was very wasteful. In fact, people have long been "organs" on the packaging, and they will open easily!

Today, aluminum sausage clips supplier will share it with you. I need to take a light pull on the small organs of the ham, and I can peel off the whole ham.

Method 1: First find a toothpick, go up the dotted line of the ham sausage, see the position of the metal iron ring, use a toothpick to poke under the aluminum ham clips, traverse it in and then screw the toothpick on a circle, then pinch the metal hoop Going down, it's very easy to peel off a whole ham.

Method 2: Also find this dotted line, use a toothpick to poke in from the position of the dotted line. After entering it, use a toothpick to gently draw it along the dotted line. At this time, the skin has been opened, very simple!

This method is so simple that you don't need scissors or teeth to bite. A small toothpick can solve the problem. Try it quickly.

It is estimated that the ham that you have eaten for more than 20 years does not know how to use this method. Later, you will know that the method of peeling the ham is very simple. Do you always eat the ham and bite with your teeth? Welcome everyone to custom aluminum sausage clips.

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