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The clip can be used with any manufacturer's clipping machine

Jul. 26, 2019

Clip can be used with clip machine of any manufacturer

Clip is universal, can be used with any manufacturers clip machine. Shared the aluminum Sausage Clips supplier.

Clip is generally applicable to the packaging technology of anchoring agent and ham sausage. Clip can be successfully used in any manufacturer's card machine and plays a very important role in product packaging.

The Great Wall card double-card sealing machine is widely used for both ends of ham sausage, sealant, explosive sealing and packaging, and other special equipment of sealing process. Its function is to fasten the specified type of Great Wall card at both ends of sealing process. The Great Wall clip and double card sealing machine are the necessary equipment for food processing factory.

Aluminum Wire Pneumatic Sausage Clipping Machine

Company production clip products can be customized according to customer needs, quality and quantity, but also can be customized various models of color Great Wall clip. The clip is made of imported adhesive tape, which is not easy to fall off. Model: 502 Φ, 503 Φ, 504 Φ, A506 Φ, B506 Φ Φ, 509.

Clip and Great Wall card double card sealing machine set the advantages of similar equipment at home and abroad in one, our company clip can be used smoothly in any manufacturers card machine, with reliable performance, reasonable structure and easy maintenance and other characteristics, widely praised by customers.

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