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Application of SCARA robot in sausage automatic feeder

Jan. 04, 2020

Its scheme is as follows.

1. Working principle

Manually pour the whole frame of sausages into the hopper of the vibrating material sorting mechanism. After the vibration, the sausages evenly fall on the vibrating conveyor. Five grooves are evenly distributed in the direction of the vibration conveyor to avoid the rolling of the sausage and the vibration conveying During the process, the sausages will gradually fall into the grooves, and the arrangement direction of the sausages will gradually be the same, that is, the short side is transported first. The vibration conveyor is divided into three sections, the former section is faster than the latter section, so that the sausages can be pulled apart. The sausages with great wall aluminum clips separated by the front and back and left and right sides fall through the 90 ° turn and fall on the grabbing conveyor belt. A vision system is installed above the grabbing conveyor. When the sausages pass through the lens of the vision system, the vision system will collect each sausage And then pass the data to the robot controller. The robot controller is responsible for allocating the grabbing tasks to each robot. Two horizontal four-axis robots are installed at the diagonal of the grabbing conveyor, and each robot is responsible for grabbing. Take half of the sausages on the conveyor belt and place them on half of the stretch film machine. The two robots just put all the sausages caught on the conveyor belt and put them on the stretch film machine. When the lower film is full, the stretch film machine steps once, and the robot repeats the next grab. Realize full automatic feeding of sausages.

Great wall Aluminum Clips

Great wall Aluminum Clips

2. Components

Since the output of the stretch film machine is 180 pieces / min, if a parallel robot is used, one cannot meet the output and two are needed. The existing stretch film machine does not have enough space to install two parallel robots. Two SCARA robots are arranged on both sides of the grasping conveyor belt, and the two robots are arranged diagonally opposite to the grasping conveyor belt. Each robot is responsible for grasping the sausages near the respective positions on the conveyor belt, without interference with each other, realizing the automatic feeding of sausages, which greatly improves the feeding efficiency.

Manually pour the whole frame of sausages into a vibration hopper. The sausages squeezed together here will be loosened, and then fall evenly on the vibration conveyor. The sausages are organized by a 3-stage vibration conveyor along 5 channels Orderly rows. It falls on the grabbing conveyor belt, and a vision system is installed directly above the grabbing conveyor belt. The vision system detects the coordinates and shape of each sausage, and the sausage coordinates within the standard sausage deviation value are transmitted to the robot controller. Sausages other than the standard sausage deviation value will not be visually recognized, which can also eliminate unqualified sausages. The robot controller sends the grasping instructions to the robot and the robot jig to complete the pick and place of the sausage.

2.1 Vibration sorting mechanism

The vibrating material arranging mechanism includes a vibrating hopper and a vibrating conveyor. Since the sausage is packed in the turnover frame through sausage filling machine and squeezed together, in order to facilitate loading, the vibratory hopper needs to be used to loosen the squeezed together and fall evenly to On the vibration conveyor, the vibration conveyor is divided into 3 sections, each section is 5 to the groove. In order to make full use of space, the 3rd section of the vibration conveyor is arranged vertically with the 2nd section of the vibration conveyor. The conveying speed of the latter section of the vibration conveyor is faster than that of the previous section, and the rear end of each section has a downward inclination relative to the front end. This design is conducive to the conveyance of sausages.

2.2 Robot fixture

When the robot is picking sausages, in order to increase the production capacity, it adopts the method of 3 grabs and 1 puts, that is, 3 catches and 3 puts once, and there are 3 sets of lifting cylinders and 3 sets of grippers on the fixture. Before the sausages are gripped, all the lifting cylinders are retracted. When grabbing the first sausage, the first lifting cylinder extends, the air claw moves, the clip clamps the sausage, and then the lifting cylinder retracts, and repeats the action to grab the second and third sausages. After the third sausage, put three sausages into the lower film groove of the stretch film machine at one time.

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