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Application of sausage cutting machine

Dec. 13, 2019

Before 2008, the hog carcass dividing line with a capacity of 2,000 pigs / day was quoted by foreign companies at RMB 5 million, but now the same equipment is quoted at RMB 2 million; 10 years ago, it was commonly used in meat processing Of smokers, the share of foreign products in the Chinese market is 50%, and today the share has dropped to 5% ...

Cutting sausages is an indispensable part of sausage processing. Most of them are done manually. Although this work does not seem cumbersome, it can be cut with scissors between knots, but such inefficient work It takes a lot of labor, and the defective rate is relatively high.

The intelligent high-speed sausage clipping machine developed and produced by Honghao Enterprise frees such inefficient labor. The staff put the sausage skewers from one side of the machine. After opening the machine, the other side continuously spit out the already cut Good sausage, each section is cut with almost no deviation. The core technology of this machine is the use of fiber optic sensors, which can accurately find the knots of sausage strings for cutting. Shears have been widely used by well-known meat products companies such as Shuanghui and Yurun, and there are many application companies in Jiaxing. It can cut about 2,000 sausages per minute, and a machine can save 3 to 5 labors for a company.

Sausage Clipping Machine

Sausage Clipping Machine

Intelligent electric sausage clipping machine is the first (set) product in the key field of equipment manufacturing industry, which also means that this product has a high degree of innovation, clear intellectual property rights, and reliable quality.

Domestic meat machinery and equipment were once monopolized by Europe. However, due to the differences in Chinese and Western food structures, foreign equipment often cannot meet domestic meat processing needs, and the price of foreign equipment is high, controlling the entire market price. With the domestic emphasis on food safety issues and the increasing requirements for automation, the demand for meat machinery processing equipment is also increasing.

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