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Product Name:

Aluminum Wire Pneumatic Sausage Clipping Machine

Product features

The machine is used for tying hams and soft packing article. Through air drive and PLC as control core. It has many features such as: simpleness opreation, safely and creditility, good waterproof and long life and so on. This machine has cutting and memory count so that convenient operation, high speed and credibility, low power consumption. The machine can oil with hand pump and join to fillers which are domestic and overseas.

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Product Parameter

Main technical target
Aluminum diameter:φ2.1、φ2.45 、φ2.7、φ2.9
seal range:casing flat width 30-90mm
Clipping speed:45time/min(max)
Air pressure:0.6-0.7Mpa
Center high:850-950mm
Voltage:AC 220V
Overall dimension:1030*700*1650mm

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